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Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Selce, Krk
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***WELCOME ***

Welcome to Novi Vinodolski, a hidden paradise in the heart of Kvarner, offering you a wealth of benefits for all ages. With the help of the friendly staff of Novi Turist travel agency, find comfortable accommodation for yourself, your family or friends and indulge in discovering an old, but always interesting world. A world full of historical and cultural threads, full of remarkable localities, and with the unforgettable experience of the wild blue sea and shade of pine trees, it will provide you with the ease of existence in which your heart will want to come back again and again.

Tourist agency Novi Turist, next to adequate and affordable accommodation, will provide you with the possibility of boat tours of seaside destinations and picnics as well as impressive excursions to the Vinodol hinterland.
Your pleasant vacation and pleasure is the only secret to our success that we have been building for years with the desire to offer you even more every year.
Yours truly, Novi Turist.

Another unforgettable experience awaits all those who chose their holiday to spice on a full day boat ride.

We offer a pish picnic, an attractive panoramic eighteen-hour ride, starting at ten o’clock, leaving from Novi Vinodolski, swimming in Selce and Crikvenica and going to Krk, oasis surrounded by gleamed sea of sun and golden vineyards. (Little too much of the publicity of Krka?), Where you can have lunch and enjoy interesting seafood until 18:00, when you return to Novi Vinodolski, all with a price of 210 kn.
Another option is the all-day stay in Baska, also on the island of Krk, where you can enjoy a tour of the Old Town and relax with the richness of the contents of the Long Sandy Beach until you return to Novi Vinodolski at 6pm.
The price for adults is 150, while for children is 80 kn. And as a special surprise we offer you a one-night romantic panoramic night drive from Novi Vinodolski to Crikvenica, during which the glittering sunshine over the blue sea will provide you with a romantic atmosphere that we recommend to experience in the embrace of your partner with a glass of varieties of autochthonous wine droplets
They’re waiting for you on board. Here is a tour of the city of Crikvenica for ninety minutes, a break from the terrace of the catering facilities or a walk through the city center and return to Novi Vinodolski with the guaranteed pleasant atmosphere that the crew of our and your tourist ship Bartello will take care of.


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