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30 minutes and longer
- chocolate and forest fruit wax - polymer wax, granules and bars, mojito, honey, azulene ... (for smaller areas) - whole legs - lower leg, upper leg - bikini, braziliana - cheeks, earrings, armpits - eyebrow shaping

Body scrub 45 min
45 minutes and longer
- grapes, brown sugar - "Dark Chocolate" - Mediterranean peeling, salt

Vineyard massage 30 and 60 min
30 minutes and longer
- relaxing massage with grape seed oil - great for skin tone - intoxicating scent of grape variety "Fragola"

Massage "Mediterranean Forest" 30 and 60 min
30 minutes and longer
- relaxing massage with a combination of Mediterranean essential oils ... pine, lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, laurel, lemongrass ....

Massage "Chocolate" 30 and 60 min
30 minutes and longer
- relaxing massage with "chocolate" oil and organic cocoa butter - lifts the mood

Pinda Sweda 30/60/90 min
30 minutes
- Ayurvedic technique - massaged with aromatic pindas filled with herbs, spices dipped in hot essential oil - used for back pain, arthritis, neck and shoulder stiffness, insomnia, muscle weakness and fatigue, rheumatism, limited mobility, gout, joint stiffness - the goal is to stimulate skin recovery, has a draining effect, relaxes and improves circulation - after the pindama massage, peeling follows to remove dead skin cells (peeling of your choice)

Tui Na massage 30 and 50 min
30 minutes
- massage over 5000 years old - stimulation of meridians and acupressure points - by acting on them we stimulate energy flow, relieve pain and restore the body's disturbed harmony

Manual lymphatic drainage 45 and 90 min
45 minutes
- opens the nodes and stimulates the lymph, the purpose is to establish a balance between fluids in the body - good for detoxification and cleansing of the body - it is used in weight loss treatments, and is recommended for people after surgery or various injuries

Sports massage 30 and 50 min
30 minutes
- individual approach, for people who are intensely involved in sports and recreation - prepares the muscles for effort (training) or allows them a quality rest - strong massage intensity

Gua Sha by Pandy with anti-cellulite massage
45 minutes
- NOT PAINFUL, smoothes "orange peel", relieves stretch marks, strong drainage treatment - performed with Obsidian, semi-precious stone and Pandy with BB butter

Back treatment with cayenne pepper and clay
45 minutes
- for sore back, rheumatism, muscle stiffness - acts thermally long after treatment - improves blood circulation (circulation) - relieves cramps

Reflexology foot massage 30 min

Tao Candle massage 30/60/90 min
30 minutes and longer
- 100% organic, base argan oil and essential oils - essential, massage oil dissolves by heating, and is hot applied to the body - the skin is silky and fragrant - nourishes the skin, hydrates, softens - anti-stress

Aroma massage 30/60/90 min
30 minutes and longer
- essential oils are used in massage (dr.Temt, dr.Just, Oshadi, Aromara) - personal, intuitive choice of essential oils - massage of lower intensity - mild and long movements are used throughout the body - anti-stress and relax

Classic / Swedish massage 30/60/90 min
30 minutes and longer
- stronger intensity, improves circulation, relieves stress, tension - used as an introduction to sports massage



Viola massage and body care salon in Vodnjan,
San Rocco 40A, 52215 Vodnjan
099 823 7401

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