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ACI marina Žut
ŽUT island
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About Marina

Coordinates: 43°53.20′N 15°17.40′E

Maximum Vessel Lenght
40m (daily berth)
– (annual berth)
Number of berths:
120 berths
0 dry berths

Žut is one of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago. It is situated between the island of Pašman, which is connected to the mainland by a ferry service via Ugljan, and the Kornati Islands. Its surface covers only some fifteen square kilometres and it is only two kilometres wide. The island’s highest point is 172 metres above sea level, and it its coast is steep and very indented, the most important coves including Hiljača, Sarušćica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Žešnja, Podražanj and Strunac. Žut has a Robinson Crusoe feel to it. On this island covered in olive and fig trees and vineyards there are no permanent habitations – only the odd fisherman, shepherd or farmer occasionally comes from the island of Murter.

Amidst pristine natural beauty, accessible only to those who come by boat, lies a sailor’s paradise – the 120- boat moorings berth ACI Marina Žut. The sea around Žut, as well as the whole of the beautiful Kornati Archipelago, is ideal for water sports. ACI Marina Žut is situated in the westernmost part of the harbour of Žut, in the northwest of the Kornati Archipelago. The ACI flag flies at Cape Ražanj. The marina is open from April 1 through October 31.

Did you know…?
…that the most imposing structure in the archipelago was erected by the Byzantines: the architecture of the Tureta Fort on the island of Kornat belongs to late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, and it was most probably built in the 6th century. The fort was presumably used for military purposes, safeguarding and controlling navigation in the then very unsafe Adriatic, under constant threat from pirates.

…that there is another interesting Byzantine building on Kornat: the Early Christian triple-nave basilica located under the Tureta Fort, with most of the apse and foundations still standing. It seems that in those days the Kornati had many inhabitants, probably refugees from Dalmatia, which had been strongly affected by the invasions of the Migration Period. This can be inferred to from the size of this church (30 by 13 m) dedicated to St. Mary, bestowing on Kornat its alternative names of Insula Sanctae Mariae and Stomora Island.

Berths (moorings)
– 120 berths (water is supplied 8–10 a.m., and electricity 8–12 a.m. and 6–12 p.m.)

– 15 anchoring buoys

– mega yachts up to 40 m in length can be accommodated

Seasonal marina open from 01.04. to 31.10.

reception with an exchange office (seasonal) and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the ACI collection,
grocery store
toilet and shower facilities
fuel station in the port of Zaglav on Dugi Island (8 nm)
In strong bura winds it is recommended to berth on the marina’s north pier and at buoys, whereas in strong southerly winds it is much more pleasant to berth on the south pier. Boats with a draft of more than 3 metres can berth anywhere on the south pier or at the very end of the north pier. The island of Žut, including the marina, belongs to the Žut-Sit island group, situated in the northeast of the Kornati Archipelago. When approaching from the west (from Kornati National Park) the shortest route to Žut is through Proversa Vela or Proversa Mala passages. At night it is recommended to sail through the passage of Proversa Mala which is well marked by lighthouses. When approaching from the direction of Zadar, the route passes through the strait of Mali Ždrelac (bridge height 16.5 m). At the entrance to Žut Bay, where the ACI Marina Žut is located, lies the island of Maslinjak. The exact position of the northern cape of Maslinjak, which you can use for navigation, is 43°53.2’ N 15°18.8’ E.

Note: It is recommended to use the official navigational charts published by HHI Split: 100-20, MK-14 ,and Plan 512.


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