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Modern Luxury in the Heart of Dalmatia

D-Resort Šibenik is a stylish, design-rich hotel, fully blended in the beautiful landscape of the Central Dalmatian coast.
It is an extraordinary and enchanting fusion of the old world with the sleek and modern elegance of the new.
Located in the award winning super-yacht marina D-Marin Mandalina, it offers an amazing view on the Old Town of Šibenik, the oldest originally Croatian city with 950 years of rich and storied history.
Only 30 minutes from some of the most beautiful national parks and less than hour drive from Split and Zadar international airports, it is the perfect starting point for discovering Croatia's hidden treasures.
The hotel combines unique set of services to create an extraordinary and familiar atmosphere where guests always feel welcome.


2016 ‘The Design Award’ given by the leading design magazine in the UK.

‘International Hotel and Property Award’, nomination.2015 ‘Third Best Resort’ in the category of TOP 10 Luxury Resort Meeting Hotels’ by Meetings Star Slovenia

The hotel was designed in a winding form to complement the shape of Mandalina peninsula, on which the resort is situated.

It is constructed of white concrete with imprints of wooden planks, giving construction a stamp of antiquity.
White concrete lines also divide the rooms, all of which have glass walls opening the view of the Adriatic Sea.
The most important spatial feature of the project is making the border between interior and exterior relative: exterior surfaces enter the buildings’ interior and interior surfaces come out.
Frames of Mediterranean landscape thus become a part of the interior and wooden linings used in the interior, fittings and lights become a part of the exterior. Such spatial concept especially matches with Mediterranean climate and leisure.Concrete is the leitmotif connecting all facilities in the resort.

Villas and Yacht Club present a raw concrete exterior, which refers to the traditional, old way of construction of houses in Dalmatia, affirming authentic culture.
Each villa is different, asymmetric, and when looked at from the marina, it seems they are coming out of the rock. With this concept architect Nikola Bašić redefined the expected paradigm of luxury, offering another way of beauty.

D-Resort Šibenik
Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1
22 000 Šibenik | Croatia
Tel : +385 22 331 452

Source: www.dresortsibenik.com

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