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SeaHelp members enjoy the protection of the constantly expanding services of Europe’s largest nautical breakdown service. To put it in a nutshell: SeaHelp offers everything that traditional breakdown services do on public roads and beyond, on the water. SeaHelp members benefit not only from the technical assistance, but also from the competence and efficiency of one of the largest nautical networks, which has long since not only helped SeaHelp members with the small and big problems on board, but also when it comes to removing language barriers in dealing with authorities or companies abroad. In short, SeaHelp has become something of an institution in the public eye – a service-oriented, limited liability company that is supported by its members and is always on hand when problems arise that threaten to interfere with our hobby, water sports.

The statement “on the spot” can be taken literally, because with

7 bases in Croatia
1 base in Slovenia
2 bases on the Italian Adriatic Sea
8 bases on the German Baltic Sea
3 bases in the Netherlands
5 bases on the Balearic Islands and the Costa Brava
One of the emergency boats with up to 600 HP is usually always sufficiently fast on site to provide assistance.

Contact with the SeaHelp operations centre in Punat is established via the SeaHelp app, which allows you to call for help in an emergency with just two clicks. The app also transmits the current coordinates of the person in distress directly to the operations centre to avoid wasting time unnecessarily. The app is already in use on approximately 30,000 smartphones in the regions supported by SeaHelp.

Due to the fact that SeaHelp emergency services are among the first responders on site in the event of an accident, and naturally try to keep the damage caused as low as possible, another business area has almost inevitably developed, the SeaHelp insurance division. Reinsurers reward the significantly reduced loss ratios as well as the increased safety awareness of Sea-Help members in the form of extremely favourable insurance premiums.

Members can choose between different forms of membership: With the Charter Pass, Standard Pass the Smart Pass and the Premium Pass for private customers as well as the Business Pass for business customers such as charter companies or marinas, SeaHelp offers tailor-made solutions that cover all areas of leisure boating.

Operations center Adria
Member administration southern Europe
Helpline: 00385 919 112 112

Obala 68
51521 Punat, Croatia
+385 51855742


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