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If you wish to experience diving on the most beautiful of Adriatic islands with the most beautiful diving locations, you should visit the island of Rab.

The island of beauty and characteristic aromatic fragrances that come from lush beds of medicinal herbs. The island of the sun and sea, of wonderful sand beaches and coves. The island that extends its delights into the submarine world. The sunny island of Rab has been the favourite holiday destination since days of antiquity. Many pleasant surprises await those who wish an activity holiday. One such surprise is Mirko Diving Centre.

Mirko Diving Centre has been opened by a father and son, Mirko and professor Arijan Žigo, in 1993, in the idyllic little town of Barbat on the island of Rab, following over 30 years of their experience in recreational diving. The Centre has over 20 full sets of diving equipment and over 50 oxygen tanks, all available for rent at affordable prices, as well as a locker room where rented and personal equipment may be conveniently stored.
Guests are also provided with fresh water to wash their wet suits. The tanks are filled by two Bauer compressors with capacity of 530 l/min and with an oxygen bank that guarantees the quality of air.

Two diving ships are provided for diving excursions, measuring at 11 and 12 m in length. The ships are equipped with a Dan oxygen emergency set, a whf radio station, a mobile phone, a kitchen, a toilette and a supply of fresh water, guaranteeing safe and pleasant diving. Heating is provided aboard, although it is rarely needed – the mean sea temperature from June to September measures between 21 – 28° Celsius, in May and October between 16 – 21° Celsius, and from November to April between 11 – 16° Celsius.

The great diversity of the island of Rab and its submarine world provides opportunities for excursions, full day to several days, for both divers and non-divers.

Our diving locations stretch from the islands of Rab, Pag, northeastern parts of Cres, to the islands of Čutin and Goli and the Croatian Littoral. Every diving location is excellent for advanced divers and beginners alike, with undercurrents nearly absent and with depths running between 0 and 60 meters, letting everyone choose just the right depth for themselves. The island of Čutin is a very special attraction; many professional divers find its submarine world to be the most beautiful in the whole of Mediterranean.

The island of Rab’s submarine world has numerous caves, walls, chasms and shipwrecks where one can find sponges, gorgonias, anemonae and other submarine vegetation in all their breathtaking colours.
The underwater fauna of the Northern Adriatic includes such species as the two-banded bream, the sheepshead bream, the crab, the octopus, the conger eel, the dogfish, the grouper and many others.

Diving school: Mirko Diving Centre offers a scuba diving course, where beginners receive full training, together with study materials, books, and the diploma. Underwater, the visibility remains between 15 – 20 m throughout the year, so photo and video enthusiasts can treasure their unforgettable experiences on pictures or film, just as they will treasure the memories of Mirko Diving Centre.

Besides our diving excursions, which are predominantly targeted at divers, we organise excursions for non-divers and divers, which include sightseeing tours and visits to some of the many sand and rocky beaches, to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and a cookout picnic with grilled meats whose unique flavours never fade from memory.

The centre includes private board facilities where our courteous staff is looking forward to your arrival. Rooms and suites are of high class of accommodation, with 2, 4 or 6 beds (for a total capacity of 30 guests), and are equipped with showers, a toilette and a balcony with a view of the sea. Beautiful sand beaches are close, ensuring that even the non-diving family members will be pleased. The warm climate, the sun and the soothing sound of waves lapping the sand will turn your every breakfast or dinner into a cherished memory.

There is a reason why friends of Mirko Diving Centre keep coming back to the island of Rab. They know that their every holiday will be relaxing and active. Hospitality and friendship are much more than words here, as is the hospitable, preserved nature above and below the surface of the sea. Our large and delicious meals make a perfect ending to a yet another successful day.

The diver’s holiday on the island of Rab – the perfect experience at a hospitable friend’s.

Mirko Diving Center
Barbat 710
51280 Rab
Mob: +385 98 415850
Mob: +385 98 415850
Tel/Fax: +385 51 721-154

Source: www.mirkodivingcenter.com

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