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About Marina

Coordinates 42°47.00′N 17°53.23′E

Maximum Vessel Lenght
30m (daily berth)
20m (annual berth)

Number of berths:
174 berths
35 dry berths

The town of Trogir is literally a museum, its historic town centre having been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Listing all the astonishing sites in this medieval town, which took its current shape between the 13th and 15th centuries, would take an inordinate amount of time. However, pride of place certainly goes to the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, with its famous portal by Master Radovan, located in the narrow main street lined with Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque palace fronts. The oldest symbol of Trogir would be Kairos, the ancient Greek god of the right or opportune moment, the 3rd-century BC relief of whom is preserved in the Benedictine convent, partly open for visitors during the summer season.

A bridge allowing the passage of boats of up to 2.80 metres in height connects the old town centre with the island of Čiovo where ACI Marina Trogir is located. The marina is open all year round and offers a fabulous view of the charming promenade of Trogir and of St. Lawrence’s Cathedral bell tower. Visitors may think that time stands still in this town, but the energy of its citizens who live in happy symbiosis with the ever-inquisitive tourists will soon convince them otherwise.

Did you know…?
…that 1.5 km east of Trogir there is a 500-metre shingle and sand beach backed by a pine forest, and nearby is Komarac (“Mosquito”) beach, very popular with young people. The most popular and most beautiful beach on the Trogir Riviera is the Okrug Gornji beach on the western coast of the island of Čiovo, 2 km from Trogir town centre.

…that bird-watching tourism is developing rapidly in Pantan Nature Park, the site appearing on the radar of many bird-watchers from all over the world in recent years. The park is easily reached because of its proximity to the town centre – it is a mere 2 km away.

…that Trogir is considered to be the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in all of Central Europe.

Berths (moorings)
– 174 berths

– 35 dry berths

reception with an exchange office, ATM
restaurant, café bar
fitnesscentre, charter agencies
grocery stores and nautical equipment stores
toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision
diving school, sailing school
repair and maintenance shop, 9 t crane
car park
laundry washer and drier
fuel station
Wi-Fi internet access
The old town centre of Trogir is situated on a small island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo. In the channel north of the town the sea is only 2 m deep, and sailing here is not advisable. There is an old stone bridge across this channel, and another, new wooden bridge in the west of the Fortin area, both connecting the town with the mainland. Connecting the town with the island of Čiovo, where the ACI marina is located, is another bridge (2.80 m clearance). Ships that cannot pass under the bridge, coming from Kaštela Bay approach from the west between Čiovo and Čelica Rock. A very visible landmark is provided the green lighthouse on Cape Čubrijan (Fl G 2s 8m 4M), the exact position of which is 43° 30.7′ N 16° 14.6′ E. For those approaching from the east the course is marked by red and green buoys. Water depth in the passage under the bridge is 4.5 m.

Note: It is recommended to use the official navigational charts published by HHI Split: 100-21, MK-16, and Plan 534.


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