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Dive and explore Croatia’s hidden treasures.

As a recognised SDI and NAUI diving center, we offer only the best to our divers.
Dive with us and explore the hidden world below the surface of the warm, crystal clear Adriatic sea.
Dive into beautiful caves, caverns and canyons. Be amazed at the colours of the soft coral, sponges and seafans. Watch animals and fish in their natural environment.

Diving center

Spectacular locations and a full range of diving programs
Diving Triporte is located in a beautiful tourist destination, with traditional Mediterranean style and culture.
The dive centre itself is a registered SDI and NAUI diving centre. We have the very latest in diving equipment, in many differrent sizes and all professionally maintained.

We have cleaning areas and safe storage at the dive centre for all your personal diving equipment. Infront of the centre, we have our very own private dock for our 7 meter, 40hp boat, enabling us to get you to the best dive sites fast and in comfort.

The centre and staff are covered by DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance. Medical assistance is readily available in Vela Luka.

There is a Hyperbaric chamber in Split (rapid transport by helicopter).

Discover scuba diving

Discover the underwater world without taking a full course
Discover scuba diving is ideal for those who have always wanted to experience scuba diving.

On this short course of diving you will have a short introduction into the basics of scuba diving in the classroom.

After this you will join one of our professional Scuba Instructors for your underwater tour. You will spend up to 35 minutes diving with your instructor to a depth of 6m.

Triporte bay

Enjoy a beautiful view over the archipelago of Korcula canal
The name Tri Porte is a joint name for three bays situated 7 km southwest from Vela Luka, and they are some of the most beautiful bays in the aquatorium of Vela Luka.

From the surrounding hills that are covered with pine forest you can enjoy a beautiful view over the archipelago of the canal of Korcula.

The crystal clean sea, the magnificent underwater world, shades of pine trees and the hospitality of the hosts are surely the reasons way the bays of Tri Porte are a popular site to visit.

Diving Triporte
Tel/fax: +385 (0)20 851 260
Tel: +385 (0)20 865 135
Mob: +385 (0)98 542 535

Source: www.divingtriporte.com

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